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Home News News Graphene fiber: a new trend in fabric

Graphene fiber: a new trend in fabric


New fibers with increased strength and rich functionalities have been untiringly pursued by materials researchers. In recent years, graphene fiber has arisen as a new carbonaceous fiber with high expectations in terms of mechanical and functional performance.


Advantages of graphene fabric:

The resistivity of graphene is very small, so it has a very good electrical conductivity, which is also the main reason for graphene antistatic, in addition to antistatic graphene has electromagnetic shielding function, these functions also make graphene fabric become the first choice for the production of mining professional clothing fabrics.

Graphene fabric has a very strong tensile degree and strength, the fabric also has a very good elasticity, graphene fabric and good antibacterial antibacterial, this fabric itself does not contain poison, made of clothes after skin comfort has a very excellent wearing experience. At the same time, it can also be worn closely, and graphene fabrics have a good health effect.

Disadvantages of graphene fabric:

Because the production is small and the cost of graphene material itself is high, the price of graphene fabric made is also very expensive,

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